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We want to be successful and develop ourselves, both personally and as a team.

It takes more than simply having a good job to have a good life. At Mylab, you get to decide for yourself what a good life looks like for you. We are open and communicative, we share responsibility, and we are on a mission to develop ourselves further constantly. You can forge for yourself the career that you seek in your specialist field. You can focus on your strengths, whilst we provide you with information and support. As a team, it’s important for us to enjoy ourselves together, but we wouldn’t force anyone to participate in our team-bonding activities or after-work functions. We believe that we are only as good as the people who work with us; for this reason, we hire experts who are highly motivated, who want to do meaningful work, and whose skills and opinions help us renew the business innovatively. We will support your wellbeing and job satisfaction in many ways, and we offer a competitive salary, as well as other excellent benefits, including, for example, dental care and specialist physician consultations, as well as insurance cover on any problems you encounter in your spare time. We have a gym where you can train during the workday, or alternatively, you may participate in our online yoga classes from home. Our workplace has a relaxed atmosphere, and we take it as a given that you may want to work wherever is easiest for you – as long as you visit Tampere every once in a while!

Would you fit into our team?

We are constantly on the lookout for people who want to do meaningful work alongside our proficient team. At Mylab, we think that by delivering data, we deliver life. Here, you can deepen and develop your abilities long-term by creating meaningful solutions. We often work in teams, and we also have retros and use agile methods to iron out any creases in the work processes. Job descriptions are based on skills and interests, and development and learning opportunities will be included with any role. If the currently open positions do not match your capabilities, you can always submit a speculative application so that we can contact you if a suitable opportunity emerges.

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Backend developer & Full Stack Developer

Chief HR Officer (CHRO)

Test Automation Specialist

Mylab as workplace and company

Reliable and stable employer

Mylab is solid. We have been in business since 1987, and know everyone in the business inside out. We have a team of over one hundred people developing and renewing clinical laboratory and health care information systems. We are committed to advancing the health and wellbeing of Finnish people, and to advancing our customers’ activities in the long-term in an excellent way.

In addition to a workplace, you will receive:

Competitive salary

Possibility to work remotely

Opportunities to deepen and develop your skill set

Career advancement opportunities in the field of health tech

Secure and equal workplace

Although our job is important, we are not conceited about it. We are open and optimistic, and find it important that our employees have time for other things beyond work. Our community includes our customers, employees and partners. We listen to and understand the needs of our customers by involving them in our development. We know each other well, and want to create a common direction and set common goals for our business.

Benefits and rewards:

Culture and exercise benefits (company gym)

Lunch benefits

Flexibility, for example, for building projects or studies

Extra holiday days depending on length of employment

Innovative health tech development

We work together to develop new products, and integrate interfaces and applications to improve health care. We use agile methods and design sprints that enable us to get immediate feedback and support for development. We keep our customer’s solutions up-to-date, and meet all upcoming demands.

Friendly, accomplished colleagues

Opportunity to work remotely

Lake view and parking space

Tools and equipment (for your home office as well)

Get to know your future colleagues

Mylab people

Pathway to new work

Learning the ropes in a new branch has been rewarding and I am particularly grateful that I am able to take part in developing work procedures for our team.

Leena Hallikainen, Service Specialist

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Mylab people

Analytical understanding of the big picture

I enjoy solving problems with others. You face the successes and disappointments together.

Heikki Veinola, Vice President of Services

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Mylab people

Learning new

The most rewarding part is that every new day is different from the day before.

Marko Harjuketo, Service Specialist

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Mylab people

Meaningful work

It motivates me to know who I am working for. Here, I feel that I am doing something important and meaningful.

Hanne Kankaanranta, UI Designer

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Mylab people

Leena Hallikainen

Service Specialist

What do you do at Mylab, and when did you start?

I work in Customer Services, where we deal with requests for support from our customers. We communicate mainly via web tools, but sometimes we ask for further details over the phone. Most support cases can be resolved within Customer Services, but some issues require assistance from our Software Experts. I started at Mylab in mid-April 2020.

What is your educational background and where else have you worked before joining Mylab?

I transferred from Accountor, where I was Payment Transactions Product Manager. I worked at Accountor for thirteen years. Before that, I lived in Imatra in eastern Finland and was Accounting Analyst for Stora Enso. I moved from Imatra to Tampere and completed my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

How did you come to Mylab?

A friend of mine tipped me off that Mylab might have an opportunity for me. I had just left previous employment, where I had been for a long time. I got in touch with Mylab immediately and things progressed rapidly. From the get go, my first impressions of both the company and the manager over the phone were highly favourable.

How have you enjoyed working with Mylab, and has the job met your expectations?

I like my job and it has met my expectations. We have a great and competent team and an excellent manager. The branch is new to me, so it was a challenge to learn the terminology and software. I have been able to explore a brand new world gradually, which is most rewarding because I was so familiar with my previous job that every aspect of it was routine. I am particularly pleased that I am able to take part in developing work procedures for our team.

What do you do in your spare time?

I often get up at about five o’clock in the morning to take a half hour run with our energetic Brittany spaniel. I enjoy exercising, and would like to return to long-distance running after having had a break. I go to the gym and take part in step aerobics classes, but I also enjoy watching TV and reading.  My goal is to get myself in shape to run a marathon.

Mylab people

Heikki Veinola

Vice President of Services

Facing a new role with enthusiasm

Heikki Veinola, 52, started in his role as Mylab’s Vice President of Services and joined the management group in May 2020. Heikki Veinola was delighted to start working in a company that he knows well and that has a good reputation. He has found that the people at Mylab have always been friendly and working with them has always gone smoothly. Veinola sees his new job as Vice President of the Services department as being a diverse role. He wants to support the people in service jobs so that clients are satisfied.
I enjoy solving problems with others. You face the successes and disappointments together, he says.

Long experience of healthcare IT systems 

Veinola began working at Tieto, a digital services and software company, in 2006 and was Business Unit Director of the Private Healthcare unit from 2008 to 2019. In 2018, his duties grew to include directing the business activities of Dental Healthcare units in Finland and Sweden as well. Veinola began turning towards healthcare and ICT management at the end of the nineties, when the dental technology graduate found himself selling healthcare and dental care devices and materials. Soon, he was running the sales unit, and this led him to managing progressively larger organisations. He strengthened his expertise along the way with a specialist qualification in management and a Health Executive MBA from Aalto University in 2015.
This education program expanded my understanding of Finland’s healthcare system. I gained a wider perspective on what ICT systems are needed for and what is essential in them. 

Analytical understanding of the big picture

Veinola and his wife live in Aurinkolahti, Helsinki – their daughter has already left home. In his free time, Veinola likes to spend time in nature and exercising outdoors. In winter, he can be found having fun playing recreational ice hockey with his team, and from April to November, he often plays golf. He also attends cultural events with his wife whenever he has the time. Veitola sees analytical thinking and understanding the bigger picture as his strengths. He also aims to be open and approachable.
If I hear a few laughs from my colleagues, it has been a good day. I hope that I will find the right ways to establish good connections with everyone. I am taking on this new role with enthusiasm!  

Mylab people

Marko Harjuketo

Service Specialist

What is your role at Mylab? 

I work in customer service as a service specialist like Leena and Jaana. We solve support requests from our customers. We mainly communicate online, but sometimes we need to ask for more details over the phone. Some support cases can solved by the customer support team, but in some cases we need help from an application specialist.

What is your educational background, and where did you work before joining Mylab?

I studied data processing at the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Before Mylab, I worked in different specialist positions at Finnpos Systems for over ten years.

What made you choose Mylab?

At my previous job, the cash register and POS terminal solutions for restaurants and cafés had become so familiar to me that I was desperate for a new challenge. I saw Mylab’s job advertisement and wanted to jump into this changing field, where my only experience was from the patient’s perspective.

How have you enjoyed working at Mylab, and has the job met your expectations?

Mylab has invested in employee orientation, and there is always help available. We also have plenty of opportunities to work from home. I have felt very much at home at Mylab and the team has been a great help as I’ve been learning new things.

What are the most difficult and the most rewarding aspects of your new job?

At first, it was challenging to make sense of these large amounts of new information, to take it in and retain it. Since it is a huge field, I will have plenty to learn in the future as well. The most rewarding part is that every new day is different from the day before.

What do you enjoy doing in your time off?

A lot of my time is spent with my two children. My eight-year-old is into wrestling, so I am involved with the training group for his team, Nokian Pyry. My daughter, who will turn three in the spring, burns her energy during family sports lessons. We have a trailer which we travel with in the summer. I am also active in voluntary national defence, in the Territorial Forces of Pirkanmaa. I also enjoy ice-swimming and photography.

What are your hopes and aspirations?

I dream of the same things probably everyone else does, namely travelling, good health and so on. One of my big dreams is to take a longer trip to America to meet some distant relatives.

Mylab people

Hanne Kankaanranta

UI Designer

What is your job at Mylab? When did you start?

I am part of the team designing the My+ care ® software user interface and usability. I frequently check in with our customers so that we know what’s working well and what we could do better. I started at Mylab in March 2019.

What is your educational background, and where else have you worked before joining Mylab?

I have an MSc in Electrical Engineering; my major was in software production. Later on, I studied service design on summer university courses, which is very useful in my current job. Before joining Mylab, I worked in the building next door for Nokia Networks for seventeen years. After that, I worked for a short while at Visma and Digitalist, before my tasks were moved to Kalmar.

What made you choose Mylab?

While I was employed in the building next door, I often looked over at the illuminated Mylab sign. I Googled their name, and the company began to interest me, so when I saw this job opening, I decided to apply. The field is relevant and I feel that I am doing something important and meaningful.

How have you enjoyed working here? Has the job met your expectations?

I get to do exactly what I came here to do, as well as gain a broad spectrum of new knowledge. My team is great and my colleagues are friendly! I have enjoyed working here very much.

What are the most challenging and the most rewarding aspects of the new job?

The most challenging aspect is prioritising the workload, because there are many different tasks to do and I must stay on top of them. The most rewarding aspect is working in close contact with customers. It motivates me to know who I am working for.

What do you enjoy doing in your time off?

In my free time, I go for walks with my Collie and Belgian Shepherd, and the latter I train to dance as a hobby. I also enjoy horse riding. When I’m not spending time with animals, the rest of my free time is spent with my children.

What are your hopes and aspirations?

I’ve dreamed of going on safari in Africa since I was sixteen. Perhaps it will come true someday!

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