My+ care® – delivering data for care

My+ care® enables physicians, nurses and other staff in treatment units to access laboratory information in patient care directly. The service gives treatment units access to all laboratory information according to the agreed region, in compliance with data protection regulations, and gives them the ability to request laboratory and other diagnostics tests. My+ care includes advanced test and blood product orders, the ability to view results as well as data connections, and delivery of information involving treatment to patients. Versatile device and systems integrations transmit the information needed for decision-making regarding treatments to physicians and nursing staff in a reliable, targeted way.

Computerized provider order entry (CPOE) system with added value in laboratory data interpretation

  • Easy-to-use, customizable, and filterable output functions with flexible results viewing formats
  • Compilation of the wanted department units results and results monitoring
  • Versatile results interpretation components and counters, such as TTR, HIT 4, PSA Doubling Time, PSA Density and result grading
  • Adaptive user manuals
  • Visual graphs for displaying and comparing laboratory test results


Faster and safer test requests and results interpretation

Test requests can be routed to My+ care from different information systems as used by other treatment units. This facilitates, for example, printing labels, recording samples, viewing Digi-ECG registrations, and using the treatment units’ test manual.

  • Regional laboratory information available in accordance with data security regulations
  • Safe and easy-to-use means of ordering tests and interpret the results
  • Reduces slow manual processing and scope for errors
  • Collates results from different specialist fields into one place

User interface that assists interpretation of results and improves customer communication

The My+ care solution allows a smooth co-operation between care units and laboratories for diagnostics information utilization in the patient care process. The user interface for the treatment unit guides the user and provides easy access to the patient diagnostics information for the disposal of physicians and nurses.

  • Versatile results viewing functionalities
  • Immediate support for diagnosis
  • Support for multiorganizational operations’ scaling
  • Rapid results communication directly to patients

Active monitoring and messaging services for care units and patients

The My+ care® solution offers active monitoring services for specific patient groups and communications services for customers operating on a smaller scale. Delivery of messages is monitored automatically and a monitoring view for units responsible for the patient communication is provided. The same messaging service is used in our mobile monitoring services directly to patients. The servers are located in a Finnish service centre and Finnish operators carry out all messaging.

CEA – mobile monitoring

PSA – mobile monitoring

INR – mobile monitoring

ePOST – e-mail

FAX – telefax

SMS – test reminders and results

Over 5,000 cancer patients received their monitoring results on their mobile phones on the same day

Mylab’s mobile monitoring service saves money and time in hospitals, and speeds up delivery of results to patients. At the same time, it ensures that any concerning results spark timely action, so that there are no unnecessary delays in diagnosing a recurrence of cancer.

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Read also: HUS Diagnostic Centre adopted a new screening service for cervical cancer

HUS Diagnostic Centre is using a comprehensive service to manage the process of cervical cancer screening – from sending out invitation letters through to reporting the results to the Finnish Cancer Registry.

“No one gets left out of further tests due to human error when the system combs through the data. Moreover, attaching a histological diagnosis to the screening result is now simpler and requires less clicks. The system only provides relevant diagnoses” 

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