Mylab Nyt – News – Näkökulma – 15.07.2020

And then came COVID-19, Part 1

Life changed dramatically for people in a number of ways this spring as the coronavirus pandemic started to spread around the world. We found out how this unforeseen and unknown threat affected everyday life for laboratory staff around Finland.

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News – References – 02.06.2020

Getting to know the laboratory information system while studying

Thanks to collaboration between three universities of applied sciences and Mylab, many future bio-analysts will know how to use a laboratory information system even before they start their internships.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has generated many new customer projects

Mylab had a busy spring because the covid-19 pandemic changed customer requirements and working practices. Assignments related to the covid-19 pandemic were prioritized and changes were carried out while working remotely.

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Mylab Nyt – Näkökulma – 28.07.2020

The good, the bad and us in clinical microbiology

Antti Hakanen, Director of the Laboratory Division at Turku University Hospital (Tyks), did not think he was working in a job that would arouse media interest until the coronavirus pandemic came to Finland. He foresees great upheavals in future health care and diagnostics.

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Mehiläinen’s project to South Korea done briskly

Mehiläinen sent samples to South Korea to be analysed for coronavirus. Mylab assisted in protecting patients’ data.

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Mylab Does – 16.03.2017

Software solutions for healthcare laboratories

My+® is an information system for clinical laboratories integrating all specialisations from clinical chemistry and hematology to microbiology, pathology and genetics.

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Mylab Does – 21.06.2017

Integration services

My+® hub is Mylab's solution that enables health care organisations to transfer data to one another. When a customer joins the service it gets the possibility to connect with all other organisations that already use the service. My+® hub is the data transfer node.

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Mylab Does – 21.06.2017


Find out more about our customers' solutions and visions

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