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Mylab is a leading Nordic expert in information systems for healthcare laboratories and diagnostic units. We help enable a longer, healthier and higher-quality life by developing reliable, efficient and comprehensive technological solutions for diagnostic needs. 


Autonik and Mylab to become one Mylab in the Nordics

In May 2024, the previously acquired Autonik AB will become Mylab in Sweden and Denmark, alongside Mylab Finland. Together they will form a unified, leading provider of services and solutions of clinical laboratories and diagnostic information systems in Nordics. 

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Karolinska on the road to a data-driven digital transformation

Clinical laboratories tend to focus on workflows. But CMIO Patrik Georgii-Hemming from Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm insists on talking about data instead

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From logistical nightmare to digital dream

Streamlined workflows save time and hassle. Finland’s largest laboratory HUS Diagnostic Center digitalised its processes and found simple and smart ways of keeping databases up to date.

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35-year-old Mylab: The past, present and promising future

During its 35 years of existence, Mylab has evolved from a small start-up in Tampere, Finland, to the leading expert in clinical laboratory and diagnostics information systems in the Nordic countries. However, one thing has never changed: the curiosity-fuelled will to provide value to customers through unbounded diagnostics.

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Essential information systems with total service

Our total service provides a carefree and reliable long-term co-operation solution for health care laboratories and diagnostics centers. We are there for our customers every day without fail. Our software solution is planned and designed together with laboratories to automate and enhance secure, real-time information transfer and use.





HUS Diagnostic Centre adopted a new screening service for cervical cancer

In March, HUS Diagnostic Centre began using a comprehensive service to manage the process of cervical cancer screening – from sending out invitation letters through to reporting the results to the Finnish Cancer Registry. The new My+® screening service can be tailored to support different practices in different municipalities.

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We connect people, systems and data

We work to maintain a healthier society by uniting people, systems and data. With our data, we help physicians to make the right decisions, and provide patients with peace of mind.

Work with us

Our work is serious, but not sombre. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential to us. Get to know us better by contacting us!

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