Mylab Nyt – View – 19.02.2018

A STOP to diabetes?

Diabetes is rapidly becoming more and more common all over the world, and researchers are urgently looking for ways to wipe out this disease. Researchers at the University of Tampere are developing a vaccine against Type 1 diabetes, and a project at the University of Eastern Finland is investigating the best methods to prevent Type 2 diabetes.

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Integration services – News – 14.02.2018

Mylab develops new services for treatment of cancer patients

Mylab is developing a service that supports treatment of breast cancer patients: the service interprets laboratory results automatically and delivers them rapidly both to patients and to the treatment unit.

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Mylab pilots mobile sampling in home care in Oulu with great results

The Home Care unit of Oulu piloted Mylab’s mobile laboratory sampling service for two months.

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Mylab Is – Mylab Nyt – News – 28.09.2017

Weblab branching out into microbiology

Developing microbiology functions has been a challenging but rewarding project. Product development is also underway for pathology at Mylab.

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Weblab supports digital pathology

Digitalization of laboratory pathology requires significant investments, but they pay themselves back in benefits and savings, said Hannu Honkala, Mylab’s VP, Solutions, at the Labquality Days event in Helsinki.

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Mylab Does – 16.03.2017

Software solutions for healthcare

Weblab® is an information system for clinical laboratories integrating all specializations from clinical chemistry and hematology to microbiology, pathology and genetics.

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Mylab Does – 21.06.2017

Integration services

Mylab has extensive experience of systems integration. MylabWay solution provides nationwide information services enabling data transfer between health care organizations.

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Mylab Does – 21.06.2017


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