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Coding can change the world

Technology will solve an ever growing aspect of the problems in the world around us, which is why Linda Liukas teaches programming to children through stories and games.

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Over an hour’s breakdown in the information system is a catastrophe

Tykslab has found through experience that in some respects, even a fire can be less disruptive than a long, unexpected breakdown in the information system.

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Mylab pilots mobile sampling in home care in Oulu with great results

The Home Care unit of Oulu piloted Mylab’s mobile laboratory sampling service for two months.

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View – 26.06.2018

Biohackers take their health into their own hands

In the future, health centres may no longer exist. Instead, we will have smart devices at home, artificial intelligence analyzing our health information and remote access to a doctor.

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A new name for Mylab’s services

According to an old Finnish saying, a beloved child has many nicknames, but going forward, Mylab’s services and products will all have one name: My+®.

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Mylab Does – 16.03.2017

Software solutions for healthcare

My+® is an information system for clinical laboratories integrating all specializations from clinical chemistry and hematology to microbiology, pathology and genetics.

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Mylab Does – 21.06.2017

Integration services

My+® hub is Mylab's solution that enables health care organizations to transfer data to one another. When a customer joins the service it gets the possibility to connect with all other organizations that already use the service. My+® hub is the data transfer node.

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Mylab Does – 21.06.2017


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