Mylab Is – 12.09.2019

Orienteers find new routes

Staff news: Hannu Honkala starts in his role as Vice President, Business Development, and Mikko Sipilä takes over his former position as Vice President, Solutions.

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News – 22.05.2019

My+® revolutionised working practices at HUS blood centres

HUSLAB implemented the My+® blood centre application at the beginning of March. The new information system significantly changed the entire blood transfusion process at the blood centres and on the wards.

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My+ mobile sampling app introduced in NordLab

Mobile app for sampling decreases the need to call the laboratory, to walk back and forth and shortens the time to acknowledge completion of test requests.
My+ mobile app was successfully introduced in NordLab Oulu.

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News – References – 15.11.2018

“We would not want to go back to the old system”

The My+ mobile sampling application makes life easier for laboratory nurses on their rounds at the Central Hospital of Satakunta in western Finland. Printing test tube labels at POC reduces the margin for error.

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Already over 5,000 cancer patients receive follow-up results on their phones on the same day

Mylab’s mobile follow-up service saves working hours, reduces hospital costs and expedites the delivery of test results to patients. At the same time, it ensures that worrying results elicit a quick response and that detection of a recurring cancer is not unnecessarily delayed.

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Mylab Does – 16.03.2017

Software solutions for healthcare

My+® is an information system for clinical laboratories integrating all specializations from clinical chemistry and hematology to microbiology, pathology and genetics.

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Mylab Does – 21.06.2017

Integration services

My+® hub is Mylab's solution that enables health care organizations to transfer data to one another. When a customer joins the service it gets the possibility to connect with all other organizations that already use the service. My+® hub is the data transfer node.

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Mylab Does – 21.06.2017


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