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33100 Tampere, FINLAND

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Customer support

Our Customer Support is here to help 24/7 with Mylab information services and to solve any problems in compliance with practices according to Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). You can call our help point on +358 (0)10 678 6100.

You may also contact us by e-mail, at

Alternatively, you can login directly to our customer support system with your customer ID from this site.

We will reply to your questions as soon as possible. Feedback is also welcome.

E-invoice details

E-invoice address (Finnish OVT-address/IBAN bank account/online-service address)


Operator ID




When you use a Finnish bank as the operator, include the DABAFIHH as the BIC.

Business ID:


For further information, please contact our Accounts department:

Contact us

Our personnel’s email addresses are in a form of

Samuli Niiranen


Hannu Honkala

Vice president, Head of Sales and Admin

Heikki Veinola

Vice president, Services

Mikko Sipilä

Vice president, Solutions

Timo Pellinen

Quality manager, Data protection officer

Aki Ala-Salomäki

Sales manager, Finland

Petter Olofsson

Sales manager, Sweden

Kari Virta

Chief Information Officer

Taru Honkonen

Marketing manager

Maarit Rantala

Administration manager

Jari Ylönen

Sales manager, Finland

Tapio Mäki-Rajala

Customer relations manager, Finland

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