Working as Software Specialists specifically in the healthcare sector is a crucial motivating factor for Henri Korpela and Saku Rantamäki. In this article, they share what it’s like to work in the field.

Henri and Saku work in Mylab’s Alpha team, responsible for the development and modernization of the My+® laboratory information system. Saku works as a team lead, architectural lead, and is also part of the DevOps team. Henri joined the team as a developer three months ago and has quickly adapted to working closely with the team and, in particular, with Saku.

“We’ve been pair programming a lot together, which has been rewarding,” says Henri.


Henri ja Saku


The healthcare sector from a developer’s perspective

The industry is new to Henri, and there’s a lot to learn. However, jumping into it has been effortless. On the other hand, Saku has previously familiarized himself with the healthcare sector during his work on the Kanta service.

In product development within the healthcare industry, domain expertise is of immense importance. Over time, the understanding of healthcare laboratory operations grows for software developers, but according to Henri and Saku, it’s very helpful that Mylab has several domain experts with laboratory backgrounds, working as application specialists.

“Collaboration with domain experts is significant for the success of our work, and we do a lot of that,” says Saku.

The Alpha team develops new functionalities and modernizes the My+® system, which automates and strengthens the secure and real-time flow of diagnostic data and the utilization of information in patient care. The fact that the product is used daily by healthcare professionals resonates strongly with both Henri and Saku.

“It definitely feels significant to work in this field,” Henri states.


Developers at Mylab give their technical expertise for the use of healthcare 

According to Saku, Mylab has allowed him to leverage his previous experience, such as in hardware development. It feels particularly significant to him that, in the bigger picture, his expertise influences the functionality of the domestic healthcare system and enables high-quality patient care.

Both Henri and Saku have a consulting background so they are used to getting familiar with different industries. As their work experience has grown, it has become increasingly important to them that there are no conflicting values in their work and that the broader significance of their work motivates them. That is why healthcare industry is a great choice for both Henri and Saku.

In software development in the healthcare sector, quality control and legal aspects are emphasized – they ensure the safety of the software and ultimately the patient. Although the coding work is similar to that in any other field, software developers at Mylab are aware that errors in the systems could potentially lead to medical errors. Therefore, investing in quality, reliability, and safety is essential, and every software developer at Mylab is committed to it.


Even the best colleague ever can be found at Mylab

However, critical software isn’t developed with furrowed brows; in the Alpha team, jokes abound, and the atmosphere is relaxed.

“The best thing about Mylab is the diverse working community where people are treated as individuals. Here, we actually act according to the values written on the wall,” summarizes Saku.

“For me, the best thing about Mylab is that I feel warmly welcome, and there are no unreasonable pressures to accomplish things as a newcomer. We’re also open to new solution methods,” says Henri, one of the most recent software developers, who has joined Mylab.

“And Saku is the best colleague I’ve encountered so far!”

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