Valuable work inspires

Who are you and what is your role at Mylab?

I am Miika Seppänen, a telecommunications engineer from Tampere University of Applied Sciences who ended up turning to programming at Mylab instead of telecommunications. Now, at 31, I work as a software specialist for the My+ product in the Microbiology team.

What made you choose to work at Mylab?

I came to work at Mylab in December 2019 after seeing a job advert. I was excited to apply for the role at Mylab because I was interested in programming. Mylab was clearly a company doing valuable work in software for healthcare workers. My older sister had just defended her doctoral thesis in medicine and her remarkable work inspired me to do my part in helping people. Mylab is doing just that by making tools for healthcare workers.

How have you liked it at Mylab?

I have liked it very much at Mylab right from the offset. The best thing here is the brilliant people. As a new employee, I received a lot of support with my duties and was made to feel very welcome, and this has continued. We are a relaxed bunch that help each other.

What does your typical workday look like?

The day starts a little before nine with a team status meeting, where we discuss the tasks of the previous and the coming day. This way, the team stays on the same page about what we are doing, and it is easy to communicate regarding these tasks. After the meeting, I begin coding. Lately, however, my duties have also included customer support solutions, installations and updates. There are usually a fair few meetings as well.

What has surprised you at Mylab?

For an inexperienced developer, it came as a surprise how team-driven and involved work development actually is. It is not sitting alone working in a corner, but working together, although coding is certainly individual work. We are constantly discussing and having meetings.

What are your co-workers like?

Really great. My team has really lovely and experienced people who also know exactly what they are doing, so working is relaxed but smart. The people leading the team are doing a brilliant job. As a result, my work is fairly straightforward because I do not have to consider what I should be doing. People outside my team are very nice and helpful, too.

Which employee benefits are the best in your opinion?

The dental care benefit is really useful. In the new year, a new bicycle benefit became available, which seems brilliant. In addition to those, the in-house gym is an excellent benefit.

How is the work atmosphere at Mylab?

In my experience, the atmosphere at Mylab is open, relaxed, diligent and fun. I have been helped in challenging situations, and even the more serious moments have passed in good spirits. There is no needless stiffness in the air at all. You can talk about work things as well as everything else.

What kind of advancement or development opportunities does Mylab offer?

I came here as an inexperienced developer and received excellent training and support in developing my competences. In addition, I have received compensation for joining a few online courses. I was encouraged to study and was allowed to use working time for it. The expansion of my duties has been motivating. After the first year, I was given more and more responsibility, and in the future, I could rise to leading a team, so advancement opportunities are there. Competence development is encouraged in the form of studies.

Would you recommend Mylab as a workplace to other IT professionals?

Absolutely! For eager developers who are lacking in experience, Mylab offers a good orientation and an opportunity to get a handle on things in peace, but so that you are involved in the work right from the start. A brilliant workplace atmosphere and meaningful, challenging and rewarding tasks make development pleasant work. Mylab is also a good place for more experienced people. Here, you can design and create software that goes to important use.