Teamwork leader

What is your role at Mylab? When did you start? 

My current role is as Competence Area Manager, which is a completely new position at Mylab. I supervise twenty-five software specialists in the competence areas of software design and testing and see to their well-being and the development of their competences. I came into this role in March this year. At Mylab, I previously worked as a software specialist in the development team, where I participated in developing software for the My+® laboratory information system and workstation accessories.

What is your educational background, and where else did you work before joining Mylab? 

I’m educated to be a practical nurse and a computer software technician. My career has taken me through different further and specialist education tracks to be a manager in the fields of social work and healthcare, and from there, on to a pathology laboratory. Before working in the social and healthcare sector, I worked for a short time for the Finnish Defence Forces as well as at a funeral home. 

What made you choose Mylab? 

I was searching for a software technician’s internship while on study leave from the pathology laboratory. The laboratory was about to implement the My+® system, so I applied for an internship at Mylab and ended up doing all my internships in different development teams at Mylab. It worked out well both for Mylab and myself, and I was offered a permanent job after graduation. 

How have you enjoyed working here? Has the job met your expectations? 

Medical, laboratory and IT sectors are all combined at Mylab, and everyone has a good understanding of a laboratory information system’s impact on people’s lives and health. This position combines many aspects that are important to me: I can work with medical, laboratory and software development specialists, support them in succeeding in their duties and I can learn more about these fields myself. Working remotely makes my work more challenging, but I have arranged meetings via Teams for people to get to know each other over coffee, I have kept in contact with people in different competence areas over the phone and via Slack and I have taken on some important issues. I would describe my work as being like the work of a sergeant major. 

What do you do in your spare time? 

Along with my wife Hanna-Leena, our spare time is mostly spent with our one-year-old Labrador retriever, Calla. Almost a thousand people follow Calla’s antics on social media. My other activities include managing things for housing co-operative boards, and I’ve also been meaning to restart my golf hobby after a twenty year break. 

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