Responsibility grows along the way

Who are you and what is your role at Mylab?

I am Oskari Kosonen, a software architect at Mylab. I work in the microbiology team as a scrum master and in product development. I am a long-lasting Mylabean and have been here since 2005.

What made you choose to work at Mylab?

I was finishing up my studies at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences and was looking for a job. My little brother gave me a tip about this place. The job seemed really interesting, so I sent in an application.

How have you liked it at Mylab?

I have liked it very much. Mylab does meaningful work with healthcare, and I see it as a strength. Mylab has been a really fair employer all these years. It is a safe and steady workplace.

What does your typical workday look like?

I start early, around 7 am. First off, I usually recap yesterday’s events and plan the day’s work based on that. The mornings are usually nice and quiet, so I can concentrate well in the first hours of the day. I have a morning meeting with the team at 8.45 am, where we go through how the team is doing. After that, the day really gets started. There is a fair number of meetings, and the day’s structure varies. I write some code and give a hand to other team members in my role as scrum master. It depends on the calendar, whether I have more time to code, or if I spend more time in meetings.

What has surprised you at Mylab?

When I was younger, I thought that in a role like this you just hammer in code as much as you can, and I did not think of product development as being a team sport. Now, I see that it is very much a group effort.

What are your co-workers like?

My team has amazing people. We have great banter, but we also get things done efficiently. We communicate well and are constantly developing the work of our team. We are always actively thinking about how we could do even better. In this sense, we have come a long way.

How is the work atmosphere at Mylab?

We have a great atmosphere all over, which manifests as very long employments, among other things. Many co-workers have a long history together and it shows, which further improves the atmosphere.

What kind of advancement or development opportunities does Mylab offer?

I have stayed on the product development side, but I have had a clear path of advancement. My responsibilities have grown continuously, and my progression has been consistent. It is also possible to apply for different duties within the company based on your areas of interest.

Which employee benefits are the best in your opinion?

There are a variety of employee benefits; for me, I use our in-house gym actively. Sports and culture benefits are also available with an e-pass. I find the dental care benefit very useful.

Suosittelisitko Mylabia työpaikkana muille ohjelmistopuolen osaajille?

Absolutely. We have the most modern technologies and an interesting working environment. I strongly recommend applying for work at Mylab if the field interests you.