Meaningful work

What is your job at Mylab? When did you start?

I am part of the team designing the My+ care ® software user interface and usability. I frequently check in with our customers so that we know what’s working well and what we could do better. I started at Mylab in March 2019.

What is your educational background, and where else have you worked before joining Mylab?

I have an MSc in Electrical Engineering; my major was in software production. Later on, I studied service design on summer university courses, which is very useful in my current job. Before joining Mylab, I worked in the building next door for Nokia Networks for seventeen years. After that, I worked for a short while at Visma and Digitalist, before my tasks were moved to Kalmar.

What made you choose Mylab?

While I was employed in the building next door, I often looked over at the illuminated Mylab sign. I Googled their name, and the company began to interest me, so when I saw this job opening, I decided to apply. The field is relevant and I feel that I am doing something important and meaningful.

How have you enjoyed working here? Has the job met your expectations?

I get to do exactly what I came here to do, as well as gain a broad spectrum of new knowledge. My team is great and my colleagues are friendly! I have enjoyed working here very much.

What are the most challenging and the most rewarding aspects of the new job?

The most challenging aspect is prioritising the workload, because there are many different tasks to do and I must stay on top of them. The most rewarding aspect is working in close contact with customers. It motivates me to know who I am working for.

What do you enjoy doing in your time off?

In my free time, I go for walks with my Collie and Belgian Shepherd, and the latter I train to dance as a hobby. I also enjoy horse riding. When I’m not spending time with animals, the rest of my free time is spent with my children.

What are your hopes and aspirations?

I’ve dreamed of going on safari in Africa since I was sixteen. Perhaps it will come true someday!

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