High motivation, meaningfulness and remote working in Greece

Who are you and what is your role at Mylab?

I am Essi Lähteenmäki and I work as a software specialist in the sampling team. Mainly I am developing a mobile sampling application.

What made you choose to work at Mylab?

I knew since the start of my information technology studies that I wanted to work with health technology, since meaningfulness of work is important to me. I want to do work that has more than just economical value. I began to browse through companies in the industry and found Mylab in the autumn of 2020. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to be working in my preferred field right away.

How have you liked working at Mylab?

I have enjoyed it here very much. I feel that I have finally found my place. The days go by quickly when doing important work, and you can always find new challenges. Perhaps the best thing is working with people who have such a passionate attitude towards their work. I believe that it will drive my own competence forward. Plus, we have an excellent bunch of people working here.

What does your typical workday look like?

We have a daily meeting with our team every morning where we go through how work is going. After that, the day continues with whatever is on the sprint: design work, coding, reviewing and testing. I live in Helsinki, so I work completely remotely. It has surprised me positively – remote work is efficient and there is more than enough time to spare for hobbies when I don’t need to commute.

What has surprised you at Mylab?

I feel that Mylab puts real effort into caring for the wellbeing of employees. Our competence area managers take good care of us, of our competence and our wellbeing at work.

What are your co-workers like?

They are highly motivated professionals, proper specialists, fun and remarkable people who inspire me. All share their knowledge and skills freely, and I feel very welcome.

How is the work atmosphere at Mylab?

Our team has a true can-do attitude and is highly motivated. Everyone does their best and encourages each other.

What kind of advancement or development opportunities does Mylab offer?

Mylab invests in everyone’s career path. If you have any suggestions, you will be listened to. Employees are actively encouraged to study, also during working time. If you find new areas of interest, your job description can be expanded as needed.

Which employee benefits are the best in your opinion?

Flexitime has been a life-altering thing for me compared with earlier workplaces, as well as the opportunity to work remotely. Last autumn I worked from Greece for a week, and it was totally awesome! We also have very extensive occupational health and dental care benefits; not every workplace offers that.

Would you recommend Mylab as a workplace to other IT professionals?

I would. At Mylab, you can focus on one product and develop into a top specialist in your subject. It is so rewarding to know that your work really matters.