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Services from the cloud

When information services are provided as a cloud service from a centralized nationwide service center, customers do not need to worry about data storage, licensing or keeping the equipment up to date.


Our information services are customer-friendly and easy to use. The browser-based used interface is designed together with laboratory professionals and information is clearer and easier to find.

Perpetual movement

In our opinion, no information system is ever 100% ready. All systems need to adjust to new requirements. Therefore we always strive to keep developing our systems.


Mylab is a reliable and competent systems integration partner that ensures smooth information flow between systems flexibly according to customer needs – even when there are no ready-made solutions available.


Our total service solution includes all the required information services, consultancy, system setup, customer support and ensuring smooth information flow between systems.

Close-knit cooperation

Mylab has long-term customer relationships in place and cooperates closely with customers. We agree project scopes and schedules and develop our services in cooperation with our customers.


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