Mylab’s software solutions are used in healthcare laboratories and diagnostic centers throughout Finland. Hospitals and laboratories operate 24/7, and as a result, our systems are also in use around the clock.

What are Mylab’s products used for?

Our web-based laboratory information systems provide solutions for managing and transporting data related to laboratory testing throughout the entire laboratory process, from ordering the study to obtaining results. In 2022, over 100 million laboratory tests conducted in Finland passed through our systems.

Typical end-users of our solutions include doctors ordering laboratory tests and laboratory professionals handling samples. Our solutions serve all laboratory specialties, from clinical microbiology to clinical pathology.

Special features of systems operating 24/7

In systems like these, change management is crucial. Changes cannot cause long service breaks, and planned maintenance outages must be well-coordinated and as brief as possible. We also pay special attention to the fault tolerance of systems. Systems in continuous operation around the clock must be designed so that the entire system does not fail in the event of unexpected errors.

Monitoring is also a key focus: alerts for faults must be processed promptly. Testing plays a crucial role, and in case of errors, corrections may need to be made on a tight schedule. The code written by software developers at our company won’t end up sitting in a drawer.

The code written by software developers at our company won’t end up sitting in a drawer.

Our software developers’ technology stack

The comprehensive My+®  total service / My+®  software solution, along with its solutions, is based on a microservices architecture running on Kubernetes. Our technology stack includes Kotlin, TypeScript, Python, C#, Java, and the relatively uncommon Intersystems IRIS technology used in the field of medicine. PostgreSQL is primarily used as our database.

In addition to various programming languages and libraries, prior experience with large systems is beneficial, as is understanding communication between different solutions.

Systems that are running 24/7 are both appealing and challenging for software developers

The work of a software developer at Mylab is inherently meaningful, as the code written is always put to practical use. Feedback on the work is available on a quick schedule fostering continuous development.

Working with Mylab’s systems presents interesting challenges. We provide customers with constantly available systems, while simultaneously enhancing existing solutions and introducing new functionalities to improve the user experience.

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