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News – References – 15.11.2018

“We would not want to go back to the old system”

The My+ mobile sampling application makes life easier for laboratory nurses on their rounds at the Central Hospital of Satakunta in western Finland. Printing test tube labels at POC reduces the margin for error.

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News – References – 15.10.2019

Development does not end with implementation

My+® pathology was successfully implemented at HUSLAB in June. A well-functioning system still requires development, Miia Saranen from HUSLAB data administration emphasises.

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News – References – 26.06.2018

HUSLAB has found a fantastic new home

The new HUSLAB building in Meilahti, Helsinki, brings previously scattered laboratories together under one roof. The aim is to enhance efficiency, quality and cooperation between specialist areas.

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News – References – 22.05.2019

My+® revolutionised working practices at HUS blood centres

HUSLAB implemented the My+® blood centre application at the beginning of March. The new information system significantly changed the entire blood transfusion process at the blood centres and on the wards.

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News – References – 26.06.2013

Covering long distances presents a challenge for NordLab

NordLab, the geographically largest clinical laboratory in Finland, was established at the beginning of 2013 by uniting the regional laboratories of northern and northeastern Finland.

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News – References – 20.03.2012

TYKSLAB joins a new laboratory information system

The plan is for Mylab’s Weblab laboratory information system to be up and running at all TYKSLAB locations by the autumn of 2014.

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References – 11.11.2011

ISLAB: Laboratory enterprise that covers all eastern Finland

At the beginning of 2012, the Eastern Finland Laboratory Centre Joint Authority Enterprise (ISLAB) included all municipalities in eastern Finland providing all laboratory services in the public sector for all hospital districts in the region.

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