My+ hub® – integrating your crucial data

My+ hub® ensures secure up-to-date transfer of critical data needed to support healthcare decision-making. My+ hub® acts as a centralised national data transfer node. A single data communication link is enough to connect the information system to My+hub®, which offers national coverage.

We can serve our customers more efficiently and flexibly now that data travels from one system to another automatically and without intermediaries, says Zora Biosciences Oy’s Chief Operating Officer, Riikka Katainen.

Communication between healthcare organizations

Integrate your organization into a nationwide healthcare communication network and expand your communication capabilities. Laboratories collaborate in a variety of ways with other laboratories. For example, when acquiring special analytics from other laboratories, My+ hub® enables agile and secure data transfer between all actors already connected to the service. Please contact us if you want to join the My+ hub®!
Check out the article and how we built integration between healthcare providers, where My + hub acts as a communication hub for messaging.


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