HUS Diagnostic Center – nationwide special expertise

HUS Diagnostic Center is the leading provider of clinical laboratory services and medical imaging services in Finland. HUS Diagnostic Center serves customers of primary health care and specialist health care in the regions of Uusimaa, Kymenlaakso and South Karelia. It is also responsible for several tests nationwide that require special expertise, as well as the research and teaching required of university hospitals.
  • 24,5 million laboratory tests per year
  • Over 100 sample collection sites
  • 3,700 employees
  • Population base: about 2 million
  • Specialties: genetics and clinical pharmacology, clinical physiology and isotope medicine, clinical chemistry, clinical neurophysiology, clinical microbiology, pathology, preanalytics, and radiology


Mylab and HUS have been cooperating for a long time and HUS Diagnostic Center uses our My + ® total service.

Through the articles below, you can read more about the application- and integration solutions we have implemented for the Hus Diagnostic Center, as well as about our comprehensive cooperation.