Clinical pathology – reliable diagnostics with collaborative functions

My+® clinical pathology area supports all the unique phases in pathology laboratory processes of histology, cytology, pap control, obduction, and the morgue process. It gives optimal support for integrated diagnoses where other, such as clinical chemistry analytics are needed. The processes are made patient safe through a guiding user interface and a variety of functions enables pathologist’s and other experts consultation of the samples, even from different laboratory units. Integrations to dedicated digital pathology applications and versatile instruments enable the digital workflow in the pathology laboratory.
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Reliable access to all the needed information in all the phases of the processes

Seamless and effective workflows throughout the analytical process over samples and across the laboratory specialties

Versatile digital pathology and imaging tools integrations

Standard integrations to mandatory registers

Shared communication and meeting functions across the personnel dealing with the samples

HUSLAB pathology laboratories processed almost 150,000 samples a year

In HUSLAB  is important for the laboratory information system to support a frictionless work process and it is also important that it does not cause needless bottlenecks. Thanks to the new My+ system, we can eliminate some extra steps when making entries. The secretary no longer has to enter information from paper records to the information system afterwards, instead, the doctor can enter the information directly, Miia Saranen from HUSLAB explains.

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HUS Diagnostic Centre adopted a new screening service for cervical cancer

The My+ screening service receives data concerning which women to invite for cervical cancer screening, either due to age group or risk status, from the Finnish Cancer Registry. No one gets left out of further tests due to human error when the system combs through the data. Moreover, attaching a histological diagnosis to the screening result is now simpler and requires less clicks. The system only provides relevant diagnoses as options. Susanna Ihalainen, laboratory nurse and HUS pap test coordinator says.

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HUS Diagnostic Center

My+® laboratory information system covers all the laboratory specialties


My+ takes reliably care of the preanalytical phase in the laboratory starting from the moment the test request has been placed or when the specimen arrives in the laboratory from another diagnostic or care unit. The specimen process is traceable and easily monitored throughout the whole process.




Integrated analytics

Multidisciplinary My+ system streamlines the laboratory process and enhances clinical decision-making in versatile laboratory specialties.






Value-added solutions

Regardless the specialty area in diagnostic units, data-analytics for monitoring the operations or test usage is crucial. The data-analytics offers added value for My+ specialties increasing the efficiency in laboratories through providing commensurate and real-time information on the operations of the laboratory.



My+® systems architecture and interfaces

My+® includes an extensive range of different device and system interfaces for a wide range of standard interfaces that can be tailored to meet different data transfer needs.
  • Laboratory customer service interfaces to patient information systems
  • Contractor interfaces to other systems
  • Radiology and tomography systems
  • Proprietary information systems
  • Official registers
  • Hundreds of device interfaces
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