Karoliina Hälli started at Mylab in February and wants to be a useful member of the team. Her diverse background in software, usability and HR helps her to see the weak spots in technology organisations.

Karoliina Hälli’s first months as Mylab’s HR Director say much about her vigour: she interviewed 45 Mylabeans alongside her other duties. Her goal was to get to know people and understand what Mylab looks like from their perspective. 

Hälli brings with her all kinds of experience. At the beginning of her career, she was fascinated by usability and mapping customers’ needs. Ten years ago, she switched job descriptions from software development to HR. Her career has also included development, recruitment and starting up growth companies’ processes and workplace cultures. Most recently, she was working in a growth company in health technology, Neuro Event Labs Oy, as head of business. 

I have fallen in love with health technology, it is awesome to do meaningful work like this. I want to be useful, learn more and keep developing as a leader, she explains..

A new, more agile Mylab

Hälli, who started at Mylab in February, has been made very welcome. She feels that, as a new arrival, she can ask good questions and question beliefs. Being a solution-oriented coach, Hälli’s principle is that goals must be reachable – first you figure out the direction, and then come up with the steps needed to achieve the solution. 

Hälli was overjoyed that Mylab has many experienced employees who have been in the company for a very long time and held a diverse range of positions. 

They still have that excitement for development and are committed. I want to get our organisation’s strengths highlighted and utilised better. I also want to get rid of unnecessary bureaucracy to make structures more agile, she reveals.

Last autumn, the people at Mylab discussed company values together, as the company was expanding to international markets. Hälli wants to help and support in carrying out these new values. 

As the recipe for success, we have working together bravely and openly. For this team, it matters a lot that the customer gets a functioning product and brilliant service!

Wing-midfielder at work, defender at leisure

As parents of children aged 11, 13 and 16 years, a large portion of Hälli and her spouse’s time goes to supporting their children in their hobbies and school. Hälli’s own hobby takes her to football pitches. According to her, Loiske Ladies is a feel-good team, where they do not count goals. 

We have a lot of players who have begun as adults, and bit by bit, we are starting to do more good than harm in games says Hälli, a defender for the team, with a smile.

HR can be compared with a team’s wing-midfielder, as at Mylab, the role of People Operations is to streamline the game. Hälli’s team’s job is to ensure that everyone has the necessary information and contacts and that people find their right places. It is also important to develop the competences of individuals, so that the game improves and the whole team’s competences are honed together. 

I want to develop management and leadership work, see to the development of competence, and take care of people’s ability to work in different situations in life. Just seeing alternatives empowers people to find solutions. When everyone grows in leading themselves, it has a direct effect on the customer value that we produce. I want us to succeed together with these magnificent people at Mylab!

I have fallen in love with health technology, it is great to be doing meaningful work like this. I want to be useful, learn more and keep developing as a leader, Karoliina says.

We at Mylab share an openness, a feeling of shared responsibility and a desire to develop.

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