Mylab Is

Mylab Is

Mylab is the leading Finnish supplier of health care, clinical laboratory and diagnostics information systems in Finland. We place a high value on human life. By implementing better and more reliable technological solutions for health care use, we support the enabling of a longer and healthier life and improve the quality of life.

We work to maintain a healthier society by uniting people, systems and data. With our data, we help the physicians to make the right decisions and to provide patients with peace of mind.

We are building success for our customers by offering them comprehensive application and integration services as well as reliable operations services ensuring the availability – providing them all with an all-inclusive total customer service with our own products. By delivering data, we deliver life.

What guides our work?

Our human principles

  • Responsibility

We do what we promise. We bear the responsibility for the success of our work – as individuals and together while supporting each other and paying attention to our stakeholders.

  • Customer orientation

We stay close to our customers and understand their needs. We share our views and opinions openly to serve our customers’ interests.

  • Passion

We are encouraged to get inspired. We challenge ourselves and each other to develop further. We inspire others with our views and remain open to new ideas.

  • Care

Together, we take care of each other and our customers. We create a safe and equal atmosphere around us and respect different points of view.

  • Humanity

We work for people; people-to-people. We encounter our customers humanely and offer a personal and devoted service.

  • Mylab says Yes to:
    • Shared responsibility
    • Openness
    • Activeness
    • Optimism
    • Tolerance
    • Joy of life


About us

  • Established 1st April, 1987
  • Turnover in excess of 14,9 million euros (2019)
  • 100 employees in Finland
  • Offices in Tampere and Helsinki, Finland
  • Market leader in Finland with over 75% market share
  • Privately owned, over 60% of shares owned by employees.
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