Mylab has created an integration between Mehiläinen, a healthcare service chain, and Zora Biosciences Oy, a small Finnish diagnostics company. The connection was established with the help of SSL technology, which is also used for encrypting online banking services.

Zora Biosciences is a diagnostics company located in Espoo, Otaniemi. Zora Biosciences develop new, innovative tests for disease identification and prevention.

The Hertta test that they have developed is already being used to predict the risk of heart attack and type two diabetes, and the company is also developing tests for earlier identification of ovarian cancer and fatty liver issues.
Thanks to the integration built by Mylab, test requests and results are transmitted directly from Mehiläinen to Zora’s information system and vice versa.

We can serve our customers more efficiently and flexibly now that data travels from one system to another automatically and without intermediaries, says Zora Biosciences Oy’s Chief Operating Officer, Riikka Katainen.

The connection was built with SSL technology, which has been used for encrypting online banking services for some time now.
The data transfer uses a normal network connection, but the data is encrypted so that outsiders cannot view it.

It is very important to us that this technology exists. It also enables small operators to access the diagnostics market, where secure and functioning IT connections are crucial, Riikka Katainen emphasises.

When Mylab builds an integration between two healthcare providers, data travels through the My+ hub® service, Mylab’s national communication node.

The greatest benefit to the customer is that we can ensure centrally that the data reaches the receiving organisation’s system safely, says Sales Manager Jari Ylönen from Mylab.

When the connection to the My+ hub has been established, new connections to other organisations can be built relatively quickly. You no longer need separate data links between each partner, since the laboratory requests, results and related patient information all travel through the My+® hub between all parties linked to the system.
Mylab has extensive experience in healthcare information systems and of integrating different systems.

With the help of SSL technology, an encrypted connection can be established more simply and smoothly than ever before. That is why is it particularly suitable for smaller units to use, Ylönen says.

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