I am Jani Hurskainen, and in August, I started as a software developer at Mylab, working on external integrations for the My+ laboratory information system. Next, I will provide a summary of my experience as a software developer and a newcomer at Mylab:

Why Mylab?

Before joining Mylab, I worked for 12 years as an integration consultant in large companies. As a consultant, you have to play in the client’s sandbox with the toys they provide and follow the rules they set. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when I saw an open position in the leading health tech product house in Tampere, I felt a strong urge to try something different. Well, my wife also encouraged this feeling a bit 😊

The field of Mylab, operating in healthcare laboratories, felt meaningful—a place where I could build industry expertise that wouldn’t disappear or lose its value in the future.

Jani has encouraged all Mylab employees to get outdoors in November by leading a collective Marrasputki.

Your expectations for working at Mylab?

During the recruitment process, there were no warning signs in our discussions. In fact, after the conversations, the job seemed even better and more interesting than I had expected based on the recruitment announcement.

Unlike consulting firms where people are compartmentalized into different clients and projects due to the nature of business, at Mylab, everyone works on the same software and value stream. When discussing any topic related to Mylab’s industry, business, or software development at the coffee table, you have a strong connection to it, even if it’s not currently part of your job description.

The number of Mylab employees is smaller than Dunbar’s number, theoretically allowing you to get to know all your colleagues. This contributes to the famous “all pulling in the same direction” feeling being stronger at Mylab. Here, we belong to the same team in more ways than just generating revenue under the same bottom line. This is evident in the caring atmosphere at Mylab.

The technologies used in Mylab’s integrations, particularly the InterSystems software platform, are admittedly on the exotic side, and I expected that as it was discussed already during the recruitment process. When I first read the code, it gave me some ’80s-Basic-vibes. Nevertheless, the platform offers features that one would expect from an integration platform in a functional way. Personally, I have the advantage of not being afraid of more complex programming environments if their developer ergonomics are in good shape.

How have you been welcomed to Mylab?

The reception at Mylab has been straightforward and immediate. I quickly established an open communication channel with my supervisor.

Mylab, like most other companies, has not been completely immune to the loss of spontaneous social encounters caused by the pandemic-driven surge in remote work. However, with personal initiative, you can still participate in many activities! Mylabians also gather for activities outside of work, such as playing card and board games.

Throughout my career, I have tried to share good practices that I have experienced. I brought Marrasputki to Mylab – a playful, low-threshold exercise challenge suitable for non-athletes. The participation rate has been very positive!

In my opinion, Mylab is a card worth playing if it comes your way.

However, a word of caution. Despite its long history, Mylab is undergoing changes that offer opportunities for the daring. If you can find ways to improve Mylab’s work, you can start immediately 😉

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