Specialty areas in My+®


Sample management and preanalytics – traceable specimen process

My+® sample management functionalities ensure that the process of each sample in the LIS can be monitored and tracked throughout the analysis process from the test request to the results presenting. The user-friendly monitoring and listing views makes it easy to follow and modify the status of the samples. The workflow of the sample is easy to trace with timestamps, which helps to detect any bottlenecks in the process. In addition, the My+® mobile sampling solution speeds up the procession of samples from care units to laboratory, improves the accuracy of timestamps, specifies acknowledgments, and balances the workload.

  • Transparent management of single or bundled test requests
  • Standard integrations for label printing and support for specimen collection
  • Diverse integrations to a variety of EHR and CPOE (computerized provider order entry) systems
  • Hundreds of integrations to all the well-known analyzers

Integrated analytics for versatile laboratory specialties


Clinical chemistry and hematology – high volume automation and autoverification across specialties

My+® enables autoverification of test results regardless of the method used — automation line, rarely used instruments, or manually taken tests. Although clinical chemistry is traditionally seen as the most automated laboratory specialty field, My+ enables the rule-based results autoverification in other specialties as well.  Autoverification reduces the possibility of errors, speeds up delivering results, and saves laboratory personnel’s time.

  • Autoverification utilization across the laboratory specialties
  • Customization of autoverification rules; delta check, limit check, or specific calculation formulas
  • Reduced human errors with highly automated test workflow
  • Possibility for test-specific automatic release to the customer automatically when no deviations are detected


Quality control – maintaining and monitoring the specimen quality

The quality control function ensures that analyzers or manual tests give reliable and accurate results. To maintain high quality, control samples with specified target values are tested among patient samples. My+® instructs laboratory professionals on how frequently control samples should be included in each analyzer and reminds them of approaching control runs. The results can be conveniently monitored using a real-time control screen and any issues can be addressed right away. If a control result deviates from the target values, My+ alerts the user and stops the automatic release of results. Devices and analyzers can be easily monitored from one screen through My+.

  • Graphical reports
  • Follow-up reports for monitoring result levels
  • Equipment control states and graphs
  • Test-specific method states
  • Level comparison control results
  • Production lot management
  • Integration with external quality control systems for EQA rounds


Clinical microbiology – increased automation with extensive integrations

My+® clinical microbiology area combines the test requirements of immunology, virology, and bacteriology together seamlessly. The system supports everything, from transferring blood culture screening results through an interface, to autoverification and automatic replies to treatment units and manually cultured tests. My+ has automated functions and statements for the decision-making of antimicrobials and bacterial sensitivity interpretation.

  • Optimized support for standard workflows from device integrations and manual methods
  • Standard integrations to mandatory registers (e.g. Finnish National Infectious Diseases Register)
  • Versatile integrations for dish imaging equipment
  • Pre-defined functionalities for microbiological findings and pathogens, the sensitivity interpretation as well as for pairing test classifications



Clinical genetics – towards more personalized medicine

Genetic research is carried out not only as its own field but also within other laboratory specialties. My+ supports both the standard workflow as well as manual methods, which are both common for example in rapidly developing molecular genetics. When all the diagnostic data of the patient is in the same LIS system, the incorporating information supports the decision for selected analysis paths for genetics as well as streamlines the process of the right treatment or medication decision by the clinicians.

  • Genetics devices integrations
  • Support for genome sequencing software integrations
  • Support for genome-wide NGS tests, test bundles, cell culture-, chromosome-, PCR-, Gene-array-analysis and FISH tests
  • Automated and manual statement possibilities for genetic test results
  • Clinically significant information in an easy-to-understand format




Clinical pathology – reliable diagnostics with collaborative functions

My+® clinical pathology area supports all the unique phases in pathology laboratory processes of histology, cytology, pap control, obduction, and the morgue process. It gives optimal support for integrated diagnoses where other, such as clinical chemistry analytics are needed. The processes are made patient safe through a guiding user interface and a variety of functions enables pathologist’s and other experts consultation of the samples, even from different laboratory units. Integrations to dedicated digital pathology applications and versatile instruments enable the digital workflow in the pathology laboratory.

  • Reliable access to all the needed information in all the phases of the processes
  • Seamless and effective workflows throughout the analytical process over samples and across the laboratory specialties
  • Shared communication and meeting functions across the personnel dealing with the samples
  • Versatile digital pathology and imaging tools integrations
  • Standard integrations to mandatory registers

Specialties of clinical chemistry and hematology, microbiology, pathology, and genetics in the same multidisciplinary My+ system streamlines the laboratory process and enhances clinical decision-making.

Value-added solutions for increased efficiency in laboratories


Mobile sampling – correct test, correct patient, correct time and the equipment, at the point-of-care

The point-of-care My+® mobile sampling application as a value-added service improves the work productivity of laboratory technicians and care personnel responsible for sample collecting in hospitals and in home care services.The personnel can plan and communicate the care unit sample collecting rounds and emergency duty sampling on their own, and on-demand​.  The real-time workflow planning and monitoring of the care unit sampling ​process increase the transparency of the process.

  • Easy-to-use Android-based application
  • Point-of-care mini-label printers
  • Accurate sample timestamps and log files
  • Effective resource allocation
  • Faster laboratory test turnaround time
  • Less interrupting phone calls, fewer footsteps
  • No need for fixed-line broadband or specific printing points with large printers
  • Better communication among the personnel
  • Faster, more peaceful, and fluent sampling process




Blood centre – safe and secure supply of blood products

My+® blood centre provides a flexible communications channel between the blood centre, wards, and blood service. The system gives real-time information on blood product storage levels and makes ordering and delivering blood products to patients smooth, speedy, and patient safe.

  • Safety through electronic Type & Screen compatibility test and validation as well as verification of product suitability
  • Correct blood product to the right patient – all the way to blood transfusion
  • Ability to make quick decisions about treatment through optimized workflow
  • Up-to-date information about the blood product inventory status
  • Effortless and safe patient care by guiding the system user
  • Monitoring views for prioritization and SMS alerts for urgent blood unit orders
  • Support for multiorganizational use between hospital districts
  • Integration to the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service’s KETJU-policy


Data-analytics – enhanced resource allocation and operations’ statistics

My+® data-analytics can be used to generate a data repository or another analysis database of laboratory information separate from the operative databases. This will provide commensurate and real-time information on the operations of the laboratory. The users can create operational reports according to the needs and plans of their carried diagnostics tests or requests from the reporting experts in Mylab.

  • Data storage
  • Clear visualized standard reports or customized reports
  • Real-time monitoring, tracking, and forecasting of the laboratory operations
  • Support for medical research

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