Pathway to new work

What do you do at Mylab, and when did you start?

I work in Customer Services, where we deal with requests for support from our customers. We communicate mainly via web tools, but sometimes we ask for further details over the phone. Most support cases can be resolved within Customer Services, but some issues require assistance from our Software Experts. I started at Mylab in mid-April 2020.

What is your educational background and where else have you worked before joining Mylab?

I transferred from Accountor, where I was Payment Transactions Product Manager. I worked at Accountor for thirteen years. Before that, I lived in Imatra in eastern Finland and was Accounting Analyst for Stora Enso. I moved from Imatra to Tampere and completed my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

How did you come to Mylab?

A friend of mine tipped me off that Mylab might have an opportunity for me. I had just left previous employment, where I had been for a long time. I got in touch with Mylab immediately and things progressed rapidly. From the get go, my first impressions of both the company and the manager over the phone were highly favourable.

How have you enjoyed working with Mylab, and has the job met your expectations?

I like my job and it has met my expectations. We have a great and competent team and an excellent manager. The branch is new to me, so it was a challenge to learn the terminology and software. I have been able to explore a brand new world gradually, which is most rewarding because I was so familiar with my previous job that every aspect of it was routine. I am particularly pleased that I am able to take part in developing work procedures for our team.

What do you do in your spare time?

I often get up at about five o’clock in the morning to take a half hour run with our energetic Brittany spaniel. I enjoy exercising, and would like to return to long-distance running after having had a break. I go to the gym and take part in step aerobics classes, but I also enjoy watching TV and reading.  My goal is to get myself in shape to run a marathon.

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