From ADP to mobile solutions

What is your role at Mylab? When did you start at Mylab?

I started at Mylab at the end of 2018, working with product development in the mobile team. My duties include maintaining and testing mobile products, among other things.

What is your educational background, and where did you work before joining Mylab?

My longest employment has been in various roles at Nokia, in network and mobile phone units’ product development. In addition to that, I have worked as a software developer for an industrial plant’s ADP department and for a few software companies on customer projects. I entered this field through an ADP institute in Helsinki, and over the years I have kept my education up-to-date with university courses, for example.

What made you choose Mylab?

In connection to my university education, I was searching for a suitable company who could offer me an internship. I found the laboratory field interesting, Mylab responded favorably, and after completing the internship, during which I was Java programming, I was hired.

How have you enjoyed working at Mylab, and has the job met your expectations?

I have enjoyed working here, not least thanks to the support from my colleagues. Moreover, the positive customer feedback about our mobile solutions is satisfying. The job also offers new learning opportunities, such as test automation.

What are the most difficult and the most rewarding aspects of your job?

The laboratory and healthcare fields, combined with modern mobile software development, create a playing field that is both challenging and rewarding. The most rewarding thing is probably to know that the mobile solutions have clearly improved the efficiency of sampling and the employees’ job satisfaction.

What do you enjoy doing in your time off? What are your hopes and aspirations?

Besides various family activities, I watch lots of films in my spare time. In addition to that, I like to go outside and ice-skate on the lake, or enjoy nature walks. I dream of when we have long periods without snow and when the ice on Lake Näsijärvi is strong. It’s hard to imagine a more entertaining winter’s activity than taking an ice-skating trip to Pallosaari, and enjoying snacks when you arrive.

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