Mylab has integrated the laboratories of four University Hospitals with Kanta

Published 31.05.2017
Author Virpi Ekholm
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This is a cause for celebration: laboratory requests and results are now recorded in the national patient information archive, Kanta, in all those University Hospitals currently using Mylab laboratory information systems.

The long and complicated project was brought to a conclusion when the University Hospital of Oulu’s laboratory messages were integrated with Kanta in May. Previously, Mylab had already carried out the Kanta integrations of Helsinki, Turku and Kuopio University Hospitals’ laboratories as well as other hospitals that offer specialist medical care in those regions.

A physician can now view their patient’s laboratory requests and results in Kanta, regardless of the treatment unit where the physician works.

The patient can also view results in My Kanta Pages, where you sign in with your bank identification details. As a result, they might be able to take better care of themselves, notes Taija Leppäkoski, Project Manager for the Kanta Project at Mylab.

This also reduces the hospitals’ workload, since they no longer have to archive laboratory information themselves. In the future, the Kanta archive will also be a veritable treasure trove for researchers, as they will be able to combine patients’ laboratory and health information from a single database.

A document per second

Laboratory requests and results are accumulating in the Kanta archive at an accelerating rate, says expert Terho Eskelinen from Mylab.

Somewhere in Finland, the information produced by Mylab’s laboratory system is now being archived at a rate of one document per second. At peak performance, the laboratory information is available in Omakanta just a few minutes after it is entered.

We are very pleased that our clients’ archiving is now in order. We have created something unique, something that has not been done in Finland before, and it is working well, Eskelinen rejoices.

We owe great thanks both to the customer experts and to Kela and THL. Their contribution to the project was considerable, he adds.

A lot of planning, defining and testing

The project began with the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), whose specialist medical care laboratories were integrated with Kanta between April and May 2016.

This process was preceded by a great deal of work, planning, defining and testing.

It is not merely about how results are displayed in the archive. The information has to be displayed correctly even when it is being changed or deleted, or when a sample undergoes testing different from what was originally ordered, Taija Leppäkoski describes the challenges of the project.

Moreover, not all laboratory results come in numeric format: instead, pathology and microbiology laboratories produce many different statements and tables, for instance. Mylab collaborated a lot with the Finnish Social Insurance Institution (Kela), and the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) to make recording these in Kanta possible.

After HUS, the University Hospital of Turku’s laboratory information was integrated with Kanta in December 2016. The University Hospital of Kuopio followed suit in April and then Oulu in May 2017.

Even though this has been a long and complicated project, it has progressed well with good team spirit between us and our customers. The cooperation with Kela and THL has also gone very well, Leppäkoski says, full of praise.

To start with, only new laboratory requests and results will be entered in the patient information archive, but information from previous years will also be transferred to Kanta later.

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