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Information systems as a comprehensive service

We help ensure our clients’ success by providing comprehensive application and integration solutions as well as service maintenance to ensure full availability – we pride ourselves on providing a complete turnkey service.

At the core of these services is My+, an information system designed for clinical laboratories. We work with the client to define the scope and coverage of service according to their needs. Our flexible service model can be scaled up or down to meet the requirements of large and small clients alike, so that it also suits the laboratories’ own clients.

As the service charge only covers the services agreed on together, the costs of comprehensive service are clear and transparent. For the client, this translates to easier budgeting and predictable costs. We operate as an information service integrator on a turnkey basis and in continuous cooperation with our clients.

Our operations comply with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 for quality management systems. In addition to quality management standards, we apply the software lifecycle processes standard IEC 62304:2006 and the risk management standard ISO 14971:2007.

With Mylab, I feel that we are in this together. At Mylab, our wishes are always heard, even when our demands may sound impossible, and our needs are always strived for as priority. Your experts understand the operating environment and what role the systems play in our work. It is always a pleasure to work with you!

Customer testimonial

Expert service

Mylab knows what laboratories need and thus our customers can always rely on our expertise answering their questions ranging from systems integration to acquiring analysis equipment.

We are able to integrate practically any existing systems and analysis equipment into our systems. The components of the comprehensive service and upgrades to systems are always tailored to our customers’ needs.

We provide competent and expert project management for our customers. Our Customer Managers anticipate the future needs of our customers and launch new projects and our Service Managers are responsible for customers’ project portfolios and the service as a whole. Individual projects are controlled by our Project Managers who also select the best experts needed for each project.

In addition to supplying and maintaining systems, Mylab also provides training for end users.

Our know-how is based on the fact that our team members have expertise both in actual laboratory work and laboratory information services.

Comprehensive operating services

Operating services include maintaining virtual servers, adequate data storage and data communications. Availability of services is constantly monitored and maintenance tasks are planned ahead to keep the system up and running without downtime.

Operating services includes backups as agreed with our customers and rollback is verified regularly.

Mylab’s service center makes sure that customers’ data is safe and information systems are functioning as they should. Service provision is carried out from a centralized service center, which means that customers are not subject to the risks and costs of service provision.

Customers only pay for the servies that they use and do not need to worry about data storage, licences or investments to replace aging technology.



Wide coverage – The agreement covers all Mylab products, services and product updates.

Your personal representative at Mylab – A Customer Manager and a Service Manager are assigned to each client. They listen to the client’s wishes, ensure that the service functions efficiently and develop the service.

No pointless bureaucracy – The service agreement enables us to react swiftly to the client’s needs and to any changes in operations.

Anticipation Costs can be anticipated far into the future and unexpected costs will not be incurred. It is easy to stay within budget.

Ensures smooth operations – The client can focus on their core operations and on fully utilising Mylab’s services.

Flexibility to match operating environments:

  • Service takes into account changes in the client’s operating environment, such as organisation mergers.
  • The agreement does not have to be renegotiated in the event of changes.
  • Also adapts when the client’s operations are scaled down.


Customer support 24/7

Our Customer Support team assists and provides advice on Mylab information services and solves possible problems around the clock. We comply with Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices.

Our service point can be reached on +358 10 678 6100 24/7, or you can e-mail us at:

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