HUSLAB’s sample collection personnel took to Weblab

Published 28.09.2017
Author Virpi Ekholm
Photos Ari-Pekka Viirtelä

HUSLAB’s sample collection system has reached the final stages of Weblab implementation. The new information system is already in use at all basic healthcare sample collection points, and hospital implementations are also being completed during the fall.

The implementation process and personnel training have been a huge undertaking. In the HUS region alone, there are approximately 70 sample collection points and hundreds of employees responsible for sample collection at health care centers, information system designer Kirsi-Marika Tiainen of HUSLAB says.

Some employees initially had doubts about the new information system. Soon they took to Weblab as well.

User feedback has been really positive. In just a few days, employees were ready to leave the old methods behind for good – that’s how easy it is to use Weblab, Tiainen describes.

The most popular aspect of Weblab is its capability to run all functions on the same screen. According to users, the browser-based user interface is also easy to learn.

In Weblab, sample collection personnel do not need to know in advance what samples they will be collecting, since one function takes care of all samples. The arrival of the sample at the laboratory and forwarding it for analysis are also handled through the same function.

Among the HUS hospitals, the Töölö Hospital, Kätilöopisto Maternity Hospital, and the Surgical Hospital already primarily use Weblab for sample collection. In terms of implementation in the larger hospitals, Peijas is leading the way, and the other hospitals will follow during the fall. Tykslab has also launched a pilot project involving the use of Weblab’s sample collection functions at two locations. As the user experience increases, implementation of sample collection functions will be expanded to all Tykslab sample collection points.

Weblab in a nutshell

  • Weblab is an information system for clinical laboratories, integrating all specializations from clinical chemistry and hematology to microbiology, pathology and genetics.
  • All results from any specialization area can be integrated in the same system, where they can be accessed with a single sign-on. The system provides extensive support for a variety of tests carried out in different locations within the laboratory organization.
  • Weblab is modular, which enables it to continue to support the changing needs and operating models of laboratories in the future as well.

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