Heikki Veinola, 52, started in his new role as Mylab’s Vice President of Services and joined the management group on 18 May 2020. Working together is an important aspect of the work for him.

Heikki Veinola is delighted to be starting a job in a company that he knows well and that has a good reputation. He has found that the people at Mylab have always been friendly and working with them has always gone smoothly.

Veinola sees his new job description as Vice President of the Service department as being a diverse role. He wants to support the people in service jobs so that clients are satisfied.

I enjoy solving problems with others. You face the successes and disappointments together, he says.

Long experience of healthcare IT systems 

Veinola began working at Tieto, a digital services and software company, in 2006 and was Business Unit Director of the Private Healthcare unit from 2008 to 2019.

In 2018, his duties grew to include directing the business activities of Dental Healthcare units in Finland and Sweden as well. Veinola began turning towards healthcare and ICT management at the end of the nineties, when the dental technology graduate found himself selling healthcare and dental care devices and materials. Soon, he was running the sales unit, and this led him to managing progressively larger organisations.

He strengthened his skills along the way with a specialist qualification in management and a Health Executive MBA from Aalto University in 2015.

This education programme expanded my understanding of Finland’s healthcare system. I gained a wider perspective on what ICT systems are needed for and what is essential in them. 

Analytical understanding of the big picture

Veinola and his wife live in Aurinkolahti, Helsinki – their daughter has already left home. In his free time, Veinola likes to spend time in nature and exercising outdoors. In winter, he can be found having fun playing recreational ice hockey with his team, and from April to November, he often plays golf. He also attends cultural events with his wife whenever he has the time.

Veitola sees analytical thinking and understanding the bigger picture as his strengths. He also aims to be open and approachable.

If I hear a few laughs from my colleagues, it has been a good day. I hope that I will find the right ways to establish good connections with everyone. I am taking on this new role with enthusiasm!

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