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Mylab knows what laboratories need. Therefore, our customers can always rely on our expertise in matters ranging from multidisciplinary system use to systems and devices integration.

We can integrate practically any existing systems and analyzers into our systems. Our comprehensive service features and system upgrades are always tailored according to the needs of our customers.

We provide competent project management for our customers through designated key employees. Our customer managers anticipate any future needs of our customers, project managers launch and manages new projects, while our service managers are responsible for customers’ project portfolios and the service as a whole. Individual projects are controlled by dedicated project managers, who also select the most suitable experts required for each project.

In addition to supplying and maintaining systems, Mylab’s service also includes training for end-users.

Mylab’s personnel have expertise in both actual laboratory work and laboratory information services which improves the facilitation of LIS implementation.

Our customer service includes resources to ease the daily activities of our clients, such as:

  • Project management
  • Customer support services 24/7
  • Training in the use of application services
  • Consultation and sales
  • Customer relationship management and reporting

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