A new name for Mylab’s services

Published 13.02.2018
Author Virpi Ekholm
Photos Olli-Pekka Latvala
Mylab’s Marketing Manager Taru Honkonen and CEO Samuli Niiranen are excited about the public announcement of the long-prepared rebranding.
Mylab’s Marketing Manager Taru Honkonen and CEO Samuli Niiranen are excited about the public announcement of the long-prepared rebranding.


According to an old Finnish saying, a beloved child has many nicknames, but going forward, Mylab’s services and products will all have one name: My+®.

Mylab offers customers a comprehensive My+® service, which includes all application, integration, customer and use services agreed with the customer.
In the future, the actual application services will be divided into three categories based on the customer group. My+® includes services for laboratories in the health care sector. My+® care covers services for laboratory customers or their end customers; and My+® hub includes integration services for health care organizations.

CEO Samuli Niiranen says that the aim is to clarify the message about services provided by Mylab.

The new brand names describe more effectively the kind of added value that we offer these three customer groups. In addition, we wanted to highlight Mylab’s comprehensive service model in our communications, Niiranen says.

Marketing Manager Taru Honkonen admits that the old, technology-focused brand names have been somewhat cryptic and less than clear. From a communication standpoint, the rebranding has been overdue for a while.

Over the years, new products have been named as they’ve been developed, without looking at the big picture from the perspective of brand management. I hope that the new names provide added clarity for customers: Mylab and My+® are brands that they can trust and not just individual software products, Honkonen says.

Favourable feedback

The rebranding was communicated to customer representatives at the end of last year. The public learned about it at the Labquality Days event at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre on February 8–9.

Customers have shown a positive attitude towards the rebranding. Initial reactions have been very positive, Honkonen says.

For our customers, the rebranding will be visible in the names and user interfaces of Mylab’s products, communication materials and on the website – in other words, in nearly all services and materials provided by Mylab.

However, the new and old names will coexist for a while.

The new names and logos will be incorporated into the products little by little to prevent the rebranding from interfering with Mylab’s key task, in other words, development and maintenance of information systems, Samuli Niiranen emphasizes.

Customers will certainly still be using old, familiar names, such as Weblab or Verlabon, for quite a while. Nevertheless, Mylab believes that My+® will also gradually become part of the daily vernacular.

The rebranding does not apply to Mylab’s legacy systems, such as Multilab. They will continue with their existing names, Niiranen adds.

People are the core of the brand

Mylab’s personnel have been involved in the rebranding from the start and work on the brand has been ongoing within the company for a long time.

The aspects visible to customers and the public, such as brand names, logos and colors, are part of this work. However, the core of a brand is made up of what goes on behind the scenes, in other words, us people, Taru Honkonen says.

The brand work also includes updating and modernizing the company’s visual identity. The appearance of Mylab’s website was already overhauled back in the fall and the topical content on the site was presented in a more organized manner.

According to Samuli Niiranen, My+® is an excellent presentation of what Mylab wants to be: a long-term, trustworthy partner that understands the customers’ operations and goals – and much more.

The rebranding will also offer us great opportunities to develop new services and products for our customers, Niiranen adds.

The article was first published in Mylab Nyt magazine 1/2018

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